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Our site is the e-store of choice for clients that want not only beauty and dermatolofical products at affordable prices, but also perfect service. Our knowledgeble and friendly team is always there for you whenever you have question or inquiries about the products or just need a consultation, in order to select thew right product. We do our best to offer the top filler and mesotherapy products on the market, but also provide a pleasant and hassle free shopping experience for the clients.

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Customers looking for hyaluronic acid fillers will be delighted to find out we are offering an extensive selection. From wrinkles and crows feet, through lip enhancement and volume improvement, to facial sculpting and filler rhinoplasty - we have the adequate product for your needs. Our inventory also includes a rich selection of mesotherapy and skin rejuvenating products, as well as a variety of other treatment solutions for anti-age therapy, skin rejuvenation, anti-hair loss procedures and much more.

Hyaluron Pen Box

Hyaluron pen

Hyaluron pens are the innovative beauty devices that have completely revolutionized the filler industry. Traditionally application of dermal and lip fillers has been associated with somewhat unpleasant intra- and sub-skin injections. Utilizing an entirely different needle free injection mechanism, HP injectors rely on a mechanical injection process which builds up pressure in the device and shoots the hyaluron gel into the skin. This makes for a cleaner, less painful and less uncomfortable application of the filler product.

Price: $120,00