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All purchases and orders made via this website are subject to the Terms and Conditions listed on this page. fillerstudio.com is owned and operated by Georock Desing SRL Devnya Sucursala Constanta. In this agreement and on this website in general, the terms “we,” “us,” “our,” “merchant,” “retailer,” “seller” and “Georock Desing SRL.” will be used in reference to Georock Desing SRL Devnya Sucursala Constanta. Terms that include “you,” “your,” “they,” “their,” “them,” “customer(s),” “client(s),” “buyer(s)”, “user(s)”, and “visitor(s)” will refer to the people who visit this website and/or use it to make product purchases. Everyone is free to use this website, along with the services and tools it offers, as long as they agree to accept all the terms and conditions outlined on this page. This agreement serves a very specific purpose – to stipulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the two above-mentioned parties (the Merchant and the Client). It is also here that we provide valuable details on shipping, returns, delivery times, payment methods and refunds. Visitors are, therefore, urged to read these terms carefully before commencing to placing an order or even casually browsing this website. If you happen to find some parts of this agreement incomplete, confusing or difficult to understand, please, contact us and we would be happy to clarify any information you find unclear. In the case that you do not agree to the terms and conditions here, you may not access this site or use the services that it provides.

This is the place where you can find the most recent version of our Terms & Conditions agreement. We reserve the right to update and change them at any given moment without notifying users in advance. Therefore, visitors have the responsibility to go through this page on a periodic basis and to familiarize themselves with the latest changes affecting our terms.

Placing and Processing Orders

We operate as an online retailer and wholesale distributor and as such we accept new orders on a 24/7 basis. This means that clients can order products from this website at any time of the day or even the night, including on weekends and holidays. The only time when users will not be able to place an order is when the website is down for maintenance cycles or technical issues.

Processing a new order normally takes between 24-48 hours. Order processing, however, is only done during the workweek and the standard business hours in our time zone and it may be delayed when the buyer has failed to provide us with their accurate and/or complete client information or due to some unforeseen circumstances out of our control. Clients are to be duly notified if the processing of their order will be delayed for some reason or another.

Client Information

Visitors of the website who want to purchase a product through it are required to provide the Merchant with information that will help them to properly carry out the services they offer. This information includes but is not limited to: name of the buyer, delivery address, contact details, billing preferences, etc. The Client is also responsible for providing information for which the Seller asked additionally. Delays of delivery and additional charges that are a direct result of incomplete and incorrect information given by the User are not our responsibility.

If you wish to change some or all the information which you have provided us with earlier, when placing your order, you may do that only if the ordered products have not been dispatched for transportation yet. Any information updates that you make, can cause order confirmation and processing delays of up to 24 hours. To confirm the client’s information changes which you have made, we will get in touch with you using the contact details you have provided.

When items listed on the website fall under a special regime/regulation as per the client’s local law, the products in the store are intended for use by professionals. The Buyer, deciding to purchase, declares that he is a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine. The client bears complete responsibility for adhering to their local law when purchasing, importing and using products bought from our store.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Clients can pay for orders placed through this website with bank transfers or credit and debit cards. To use the bank transfer payment method, you will be asked to give your banking details. It usually takes 3-5 days for bank transfers to be finalized. Payments made via debit and credit cards, on the other hand, are typically processed and finalized much faster or even immediately. This process is quickly and safely performed by a checkout service which has up-to-date anti-fraud detection technology, which means that it can spot unusual or suspicious activity. If the system detects any such irregularities, we will contact you and you may be requested to provide us with additional information to confirm the payment. Any information you share upon checkout will not be shared with or sold to third parties. For security and privacy reasons, the debit/credit card information which you provide will not be available to us in its full form. Please, keep in mind that your banking provider may ask you to cover conversion fees or other additional transfer costs. Those will be entirely considered to be the responsibility of the Client and not the Merchant.

Prices of products

The product prices on fillerstudio.com appear either in EURO (EUR, €) or US Dollars (USD, $), depending on the location of the Visitor. Users accessing this website from a country in the European Union will see the prices in EURO and those accessing it outside the EU will view them in USD. The main currency we use is EURO and because of that USD prices for non-EU clients will be automatically converted from EUR based on the exchange rate for the given day.

The prices you will find on the website do not include taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT). When such apply to you, our system will add them to the final value of your order which you will be able to see before proceeding to checkout. Visitors from the EU that have a VAT registration can provide a valid VAT number to avoid paying the Value Added Tax. Non-EU clients are, by law, not required to pay VAT but may need to cover other fees such as import taxes. If you wish to receive more information on any additional fees which may need to pay, get in touch with us.

Shipping and Delivery

Product orders that have been confirmed and processed are sent for shipping within 2 days (48 hours) after the payment has been finalized and transferred to us. As it was already mentioned in section Accepted Method of Payment, bank transfers may take up 3-5 working days to be finalized which may somewhat delay the shipping process.

We offer two shipping options: delivery by a courier or postal delivery. The Client gets to pick the one which they prefer to use. We work with several courier companies, including Speedy, DHL, and FedEx. Each of the two shipping options comes with two delivery time options – Courier Standard and Courier Express, as well as Postal Standard and Postal Priority. When an order is processed and completed, the Buyer receives an email that features an approximate time of delivery. The latter is only given for the convenience of the Buyer and it is not binding in any way or form. When the postal service provider or courier ships the package, the Client will receive a unique tracking number which they can use to track the delivery.

Delivery Times

As the previous section already noted, our users can choose between four delivery options. They each offer different delivery times. Since the Seller operates from an EU-based country, buyers within the European Union tend to enjoy faster delivery times than those outside the EU.

  • Priority Postal Delivery – 5 to 7 workdays for EU-based buyers, 7 to 20days for non-EU buyers;
  • Courier Delivery – 1 to 2 workdays for EU clients, 3-5 workdays for non-EU clients;

All delivery times listed above are meant to have an informative purpose. Therefore, they are approximate and non-binding. Users of the website should always keep in mind that the time of their delivery can also be affected by several additional factors that may or may not depend upon the Merchant. Those include but are not limited to product availability, address of the client, shipping option, weather conditions, customs authorities, etc. These delays WILL NOT be counted towards the overall shipping time frame. Further, a postal delivery can take up to 50 business days. A courier delivery can take up to two weeks. Any package delivered in aforementioned time frames, in respect to the used service (mail – 50 business days, courier – 2 weeks) will be considered delivered on time. Prior to taking any further actions regarding a delayed package, the client is obliged to contact us.

Availability of Products

The products we offer on our website are usually listed as “In Stock” or “Out of Stock.” An item that is in stock is available either in our own warehouse or the warehouse of one of our suppliers. If we currently have the product in our warehouse, it will be delivered to you within the approximate delivery times given in section Delivery Times. If it is in the warehouse of a supplier of ours, you may experience a delivery delay ranging from 3 to 5 days for which you will be notified in advance. Items that are out of stock are not available in any of our warehouses or are no longer manufactured which is why they cannot be ordered.

Delivery Delays

We, from Georock Desing SRL., do our very best to process, confirm, ship and complete all orders made through fillerstudio.com swiftly and accurately. Despite that, there are times in which there may be delivery delays. Those may be caused by unexpected outside factors such as courier routes, poor weather conditions or delays at customs. Other times, the delivery of a product may be hindered and slowed down if the Client has failed to or refused to provide us with the information that we have requested. We are not to be held responsible for such delivery delays or for any additional charges that they may incur. Nevertheless, we always make sure to notify clients when a delay may affect their delivery. We also offer free cancelation to buyers whose items being shipped out will be delayed by more than 6 working days, if the order is cancelled within 24 hours after receiving the delay notification.

Custom Tax and Import Duty

We list the products on this website without any taxes such as VAT, import fees, local taxes, and customs duties. To avoid unexpected charges, we advise all Visitors to first research which additional fees (if any) they may be required to cover. They can do that by contacting or visiting the nearest customs office. Usually, Clients shopping from within the European Union do not need to pay import duties but may be required to pay VAT. Those located outside the EU, on the other hand, may need to cover import duties and local taxes. Additional charges may also arise if a package gets stuck at customs and the Buyer chooses to ask us for a refund. They will be billed for all shipping costs.

Cancelation of Order

Clients have the right to cancel orders which they have made through this website at any given moment, as long as the package has not been sent for shipping. When they cancel their order, they will receive a refund but they will still be required to pay for additional costs which we have made to prepare the item for shipping (delivery transfer fees, packaging costs, etc.). To take advantage of this right of theirs, users will not need to provide us with a reason for the order cancelation.

Buyers cannot cancel an order that has already been dispatched for shipping. However, they can return it by following the terms and conditions in our Return Policy which is outlined in the next section of this Agreement.

We, the Seller, also have the right to cancel orders in the following cases:

  • When the ordered item is not available in our warehouse
  • When the ordered item is not available in the warehouse of our supplier
  • When the estimated delivery delay goes considerably beyond the standard delivery timeframe

If an order is canceled by us and the payment for it has been finalized and transferred to us, we are obliged to offer reimbursement to the client who has made the order.

Return Policy

All users of fillerstudio.com have the right to return a product they have ordered through this website, as long as the return is made no longer than 8 days after the package’s delivery and if the reasons for the return are:

  • A change of mind
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Wrong item
  • Item damaged during shipping

More information on each of these return reasons is provided in detail in the following subsections. Regardless of why you choose to take advantage of our Return Policy, make sure you attach the following documents and details to your return claim:

  • Order number
  • A brief note explaining why you want to return the product(s)
  • Date of delivery
  • Your name
  • Delivery address
  • Copy of invoice
  • Your contact information
  • Type and name of the item you wish to return

Change-of-Mind Returns

If you are shopping from an EU country, you have the legal right to return a product you purchased online simply because you have changed your mind. This is officially known as a cooling-off period but it does come with certain limitations. As a start, the product must be in a condition that will not prevent the Merchant from reselling it at its full price. Also, the packaging of the item must be not only undamaged but it should also be unopened.

If the canceled order matches these requirements, you will get a complete reimbursement but you must still cover additional costs and shipping prices. When the product’s delivery is canceled before it has been prepared for dispatching, you will not need to make extra payments.

Damaged Item Returns

In the case that you receive an item that has been damaged and you suspect that the damage has happened during the shipping process, you also have a chance to be reimbursed. For that to happen, however, we will first need to review your complaint on an individual basis. Therefore, when you are filing your complaint, add a note describing why you believe that the item was damaged by the courier or postal service provider.

Defect Item Returns

If you believe that an item you have ordered from our website has a manufacturing defect, you can return it. But here it should be noted that we do not accept returns of expired or depleted products or such that have been damaged because of improper storage conditions or by mishandling.

Wrong Item Returns

Delivered items that fail to match the items in your order can also be returned. We would be happy to fix our mistake by replacing the wrong product with the right one or by giving you a refund. Once again, the Client can take advantage of these options if the packaging of the item is intact and if the problem matches one of these descriptions:

  • Missing item(s)
  • Wrong item(s) delivered
  • Wrong item quantity delivered
  • Additional products delivered (along with the one(s) that have been ordered)

Complaint and Return Request Reviewing

Georock Desing SRL. is a trustworthy and responsible company that strictly abides and follows the law. We always try to resolve any issues and setbacks that may arise with our clients not only in a timely fashion but in the most honest, transparent and equitable way possible. Any complaint or return request that we get is taken seriously and is reviewed in close detail and on an individual, per-case basis. This is why the refunds we offer for a given product may differ from buyer to buyer.

Refund Policy

We issue refunds within a week’s time after we have received the returned product(s). Buyers will not be reimbursed for shipping costs, that is unless the item is yet to be dispatched for shipping.

For our client’s ease and convenience, we send refunds through the method of payment which the buyer used to pay for their order. Simply said, those who have paid via a bank transfer will get their refund in their bank account and those who have used a credit or debit card will receive the money on the card they used. If you would like us to send you the refund in a different way, please, contact our team in advance. Refund transfers may take up to 29 business days to appear on your bank or card statement. If you want to receive your money sooner or if the refund has still not been reflected in your statement after 29 business days, make sure you get in touch with your card issuer or bank.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of Georock Desing SRL. and the liability of its contractors, subsidiary employees, business partners, and contractors shall not cover losses and damages that go beyond the value of the items which a buyer has ordered through fillerstudio.com. Any indirect damages and losses that have in some way affected or are still affecting the users of this website or third parties also fall within the same limitation of liability. In this Agreement, the term “indirect damages and losses” refers to reduced customer interest, profit losses, missed business opportunities, as well as damages caused by delays, computer malware, interruptions, errors, delays, etc. We will not offer financial compensation to clients who were affected or are being affected by such damages and losses for we shall not bear responsibility for those. The limitation of liability described in this section of our Terms and Conditions page applies no matter the nature of the alleged liability (negligence liability, torn liability, strict liability, contract liability, etc.).

Our services and our website are available for clients in the European Union, as well as for those who are based outside the EU. In countries with limited or prohibited limitation of liability, our liability shall be adjusted to the maxim liability level allowed by the country’s legislation.

We reserve the right to make changes and updates on this Terms and Conditions agreement at any given moment, whenever we deem it necessary. The same is also valid for the information found on this website which includes but is not limited to product descriptions, product prices and policies. Here, the term “information” is used in reference to programming code, text, images, videos, media, etc.

Even though we strive to provide only accurate, current, relevant and reliable information on fillerstudio.com, we admit that mistakes and inaccuracies are always possible.

Applicable Laws

The Terms and Conditions available on this page and all separate agreements and policies posted on this website shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria and the European Union, with the sole exception of the rules related to choice of law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Any disputes, claims, and controversies that arise between the Merchant and the Buyer, shall also be subject to the laws of Bulgaria and the EU, with the exception of the rules related to the choice of law and CISG.

Feedback, Inquiries, and Complaints

One of our main priorities is to deliver outstanding customer service. We understand that in order to be able to do so, we need to pay close attention to what our clients have to say. Therefore, we welcome any feedback you may have for us. If you wish to make an inquiry, give us some feedback or file a complaint related to the quality of the services or the products we offer, you may do so by using the contact information and contact form available on this website.


Please note that we go the extra mile to provide only error-free and accurate information on fillerstudio.com. However, despite our best efforts, the information we offer on this website may occasionally include inaccuracies, typographical errors and/or omissions related to product prices, delivery times, product descriptions, product availability, deals, shipping cost, etc.

We retain the right to make updates and changes on any information or content available on this website. That includes but is not limited to methods of delivery, methods of payment, product categories, pricing, policies and more. We also reserve our right to select which product orders to cancel or carry out. We retain the right to cancel orders made through this website without notifying the affected client(s) or providing them with an explanation for our decision. We do not hold responsibility for product(s) that were not delivered because of unforeseeable events or circumstances such as a courier mistake, delays of delivery, inaccurate address of delivery, supplier errors and more.

Intellectual Property and Rights

fillerstudio.com includes third-party content marked as “free for commercial use or reuse,” as well as proprietary intellectual property such as video, text, images, etc. All content that is embedded on this website and is hosted by third-party websites can also be subjected to intellectual property laws and rights.

Any content and information featured on this website and is categorized as intellectual property of Georock Desing SRL. must not be redistributed, copied, reshared, resold or used in any other way or form without our prior knowledge and consent. We reserve our right to block or limit access to this site for visitors who do not follow the intellectual property rights and rules outlined in this Terms and Conditions agreement.

We are a company that respects the intellectual property rights and work of other parties. This is why we would like to highlight the fact that any third-party intellectual property, including trademarks and brand names, which we have featured on this website entirely belong to the respective authors and owners. If you believe that we have used third-party intellectual property and content in violation of intellectual property laws, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to make any queries regarding our Terms and Conditions? Feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email.

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