Dermalax DEEP PLUS is a patient-friendly soft filler that swiftly removes deep wrinkles and folds, hydrates the skin and improves the shape of the face. In that way, it rejuvenates the appearance of the patient in a fast, non-surgical manner. This injectable product contains stabilized Hyaluronic Acid and its implant gel is characterized by a so-called Monophasic Blob Structure. It offers a painless, durable and natural-looking anti-wrinkle treatment like few other HA fillers.


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Unique Monophasic Blob Structure for natural and durable anti-aging effect

As an HA-based dermal filler, Dermalax DEEP PLUS can immediately and visibly smooth aging skin and fill deep wrinkles and folds. This product is applied via a hypodermic injection so that it can be safely injected in the medium or deep layers of the dermis. One treatment session normally takes 20-30 minutes at a time but the achieved anti-aging effects can last for 12 months or even more. That is because this cosmetic rejuvenation solution has a one-of-a-kind Monophasic Blob Structure that allows for a smoother injection which requires less extrusion force and delivers more even and natural-looking results.

  • Fast removal of deep wrinkles (e.g. nasolabial folds)
  • Lasting skin moisturization
  • Non-surgical reshaping of lips, chin, and nose
  • Temporary correction of eye bags
  • Guaranteed restoration of lost facial volume
  • Effective regeneration of aging skin cells

Optimized to deliver a pain-free treatment experience

Dermalax DEEP PLUS is infused with a local anesthetic which means that patients will feel no pain or discomfort during the injection process. They will not even need to take time off because adverse effects are mild and post-treatment downtime is not required.

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