Dermalax IMPLANT PLUS is a top-tier dermal filler that targets deeper facial wrinkles and folds and packs enough power to considerably improve the contour of the face by reshaping the chin or the nose. It contains 24mg/ml of synthetically-made, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid which acts just like the HA produced by the human body, making this product very safe and incredibly effective at rejuvenating and smoothening the skin.


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With its Dermalax’s trademark Monophasic Blob Structure, this HA soft filler has greater volumizing abilities and better anti-wrinkle effects. Its use is recommended for:

  • Correction of nasolabial folds
  • Reshaping of nose
  • Removals of deep-to-severe forehead wrinkles
  • Contouring of the chin

Due to its health-friendly and chemical-free nature, this product can be used for a stand-alone cosmetic procedure or during plastic surgery. It is excellently tolerated by the human organism as the HA found in it is 100% biologically compatible and it will fully dissolve into the soft tissues several months after the first injection. To prolong its temporary anti-aging and facial contouring effects, patients can undergo touch-up sessions every few months.

Where and how to apply Dermalax IMPLANT PLUS?

This trusted Hyaluronic Acid filler must always be administered by a trained and seasoned plastic surgeon. The product is designed to be injected into the deep layer of the subcutis where it can fill deeper skin depressions and folds. Clinicians are recommended to use a 27G needle and they do not need to apply numbing cream or a local anesthetic prior to the procedure since Dermalax IMPLANT PLUS has been optimized for a painless treatment.

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