Glowing Fill Half by CG Bio Inc. has a wide scope of skin rejuvenating powers – from the temporary correction of moderate to deep wrinkles to the pain-free augmentation of cheeks, lips, and chin. This soft-tissue filler has a trademark Multilayered Phasic structure for natural yet lasting anti-aging results and it contains sterilized non-animal Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for deep skin moisturization and instant volume restoration that does not lead to unwanted reactions or adverse effects.

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  • Lip plumping
  • Removal of medium and deep wrinkles and folds
  • Chin augmentation
  • Cheek enhancement

Glowing Fill Half’s R-Square Technology

The R-Square Technology is used only in the production of Glowing Fill HA fillers and it involves the use of an innovative rotation method. Through it, the structure of the Hyaluronic Acid solution in this product becomes multilayered and phasic. Simply said, it is made up of two layers – one is gel-based and the other – particle-based. The former helps Glowing Fill Half to offer balanced and natural facial augmentation and wrinkle correction results, while the latter boosts its lifting capacity.

This soft-tissue filler has a reduced degradation rate. As a result, it takes longer than other HA fillers of this class to dissolve. That gives patients the opportunity to enjoy and preserve their youthful appearance of several months before having to undergo a maintenance injection procedure.

Greater precision during anti-wrinkle and facial augmentation procedures

Every package of Glowing Fill Half features two premium-quality needles. Manufactured in Japan by TSK Laboratory, they are excellently polished and grinded and have ultra-thin walls. This, and the fact that this cosmetic rejuvenating product contains local anesthetic, turns the treatment procedure into a pain-free experience. The implant gel flows smoothly and it is evenly distributed under the skin preventing the formation of lumps and bumps.

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