Dermaheal LL by Caregen is a patent-friendly lipolytic product with lasting fat-melting and anti-cellulite powers. It packs Phosphatidylcholine, L-Carnitine and a carefully selected cocktail of biomimetic peptides which speed up the fat-dissolving effects of the other two ingredients and deliver an unexpected benefit – smoother skin. It can be used as a topical product or to be injected in the adipose tissue for better and quicker weight loss results.


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A risk-free anti-cellulite lipolytic solution

By injecting this fat-resolving mesotherapy serum directly in the adipose tissue, clinicians can provide their patients with a lasting solution against cellulite and excess body fat. Dermaheal LL is particularly suitable for the treatment of hard-to-reach zones of the body such as under the chin, the back and the abdomen which typically take a lot of time, effort and consistency to respond to physical exercise or dieting.

  • Administered through a pain-free procedure
  • No side effects
  • Non-surgical and minimally-invasive
  • Promotes self-healing processes in the body and the skin

What results can patients expect to get with Dermaheal LL?

The fat-burning effects of this lipolytic solution are neither instant nor fast. That, however, is a good thing because Dermaheal LL needs time to melt fat cells and deposits. This product does that in an even and uniform way by gradually breaking down fat in the problem areas of the body. It normally takes 4 sessions for the first results to show. Since this serum is administered every week, this means that patients will need to wait about a month to see the effect of this non-surgical fat-dissolving treatment. But the wait is worth it because there is no risk of a yo-yo effect as the achieved results are permanent and easy to preserve.

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