Neobella is a Kabelline-like fat-dissolving product that contains Deoxycholic Acid (DA) – a fat-melting ingredient that is FDA-approved for the treatment of localized fat deposits in the face and the body. This high-quality contouring serum is produced in South Korea by Newface Laboratories and it is categorized as a homeopathic product. Its use is safe and leads to zero swelling and zero pain.


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A Kabelline-like product for non-surgical lipolysis

Formally known as Kabelline, Neobella is an effective solution for non-surgical lipolysis that can be applied on both the face the body. The serum is injected into the subcutaneous tissue, where it quickly breaks down and eliminates fat cells and deposits. One treatment course with it should not consist of more than 6 sessions. The interval between these sessions should be at least 7 days. The dosage of the product greatly depends on the target treatment area but it must be limited to 8-10ml per injection session.

  • FDA-approved main ingredient
  • Painless treatment
  • Instant and permanent results
  • Risk-free

Indications of Neobella contouring serum

Patients need to be 21 and over in order to undergo an anti-obesity treatment with Neobella. For better and faster results, this fat-burning product can be combined with exercises, dieting, and other anti-obesity procedures.

  • Correction of localized fat deposits in the body
  • Double chin treatment
  • Reduction of hamster cheeks
  • Improvement of mandible contour
  • Slimming of the face

Unlike many other contouring serums that take weeks to work, this DA-based fat-dissolving solution will deliver immediate fat-melting effects that will destroy the target fat cells and deposits.

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