Shallow facial lines are no longer a problem – Dermalax PLUS is a skin filler that immediately removes superficial wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital areas. It packs 20mg/ml of high-quality Hyaluronic Acid that has a cross-linked monophasic structure which will instantly fill shallow worry lines and fine wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth. Compared to other similar cosmetic rejuvenation products, this one is more durable, patient-friendly and effective.


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Recommended uses

Qualified cosmetic surgeons are advised to inject Dermalax PLUS into the superficial dermis using a thin 30G needle (provided in the package). This product is suitable for the treatment of adult patients who have early signs of aging or whose skin is aging prematurely due to UV light overexposure, busy lifestyle, etc. Typically, even one injection session can deliver the desired anti-wrinkle results but maintenance appointments will be necessary every few months for the effects to be preserved.

  • Removal of fine periorbital lines (such as crow’s feet)
  • Reduction of shallow perioral wrinkles
  • Correction of superficial worry lines
  • Skin moisturization

Advantages Dermalax PLUS has over other soft fillers

This top-rated dermal filler has an advanced structure (“Monophasic Blob”) which is characterized by its greater density, softness, and consistency. Because of that, it offers more harmonized and aesthetically-appealing results. Thanks to its unique structure, Dermalax PLUS also delivers smoother and easier injection. This, and the fact that it features local anesthetic, means that patients do no need to worry about pain or other unpleasant sensations during the injection procedure. The HA in this quality skin filler is biologically compatible with the human organism which significantly reduces the risk of harmful side effects.

  • No pain and discomfort
  • Zero risk of gel migration
  • Instant and lasting volumizing effect
  • No severe or harmful adverse effects
  • More durable

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