GANA HA Type C is a durable HA filler for the removal of fine lines and the correction of sunken eye. It is a product by South Korean company GANA R&D and it is known for its hard-to-beat level of HA concentration, cross-linking and viscosity. That and the reduced size of the HA particles in this dermal filler injection is the reason why patients treated with it enjoy unusually lasting results that are incredibly aesthetically-appealing.

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Indications of GANA HA Type C

Skilled and experienced plastic surgeons can rely on GANA HA Type C to temporarily remove superficial lines and wrinkles on the face. This soft-tissue filler’s mild composition and texture enable it to correct even the shallowest lines that appear in the delicate zone around the eyes – something that not many minimally-invasive procedures manage to achieve. The treatment of sunken eye is also possible with this injectable solution.

A unique Hyaluronic Acid filler

  • 10% cross-linking ratio
  • 22mg/cc of HA concentration
  • 12-18 months of effects’ longevity
  • Small HA particle size

According to the company behind GANA HA Type C, it is the skin filler that has both the highest cross-linking ratio and HA concentration on the market. This is how it can deliver effects that remain visible for 12 to 18 months after a single treatment, whereas many HA-based filler injections take 4-6 months to fully dissolve and for their anti-wrinkle effects to completely wear off. With its extremely small particle size and high viscosity, this cosmetic rejuvenation product requires a very low extrusion force during injection as the implant gel flows smoothly. From a patient’s perspective, this means a more pain-free injection procedure and even and balanced end results.

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