GANA PH by GANA R&D is a PLLA and HA filler. It offers impressively lasting anti-wrinkle and facial augmentation results. Its volumizing effects are instant and a few weeks after the treatment, the skin will start to naturally produce more collagen. That has a fantastic skin rejuvenating effect. Thanks to the special formula of this product, the severity of adverse effects has been greatly reduced and the risk of gel migration has been successfully eliminated.

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What is PLLA and what are its effects?

PLLA or Poly-L-lactic acid is a synthetically-produced substance that has high biological compatibility and it is fully dissolved by the human body. Just like HA, it has no serious adverse effects but, in contrast to it, it is more resilient to biodegradation. The body’s metabolism needs approximately 2-3 years to excrete it which considerably increases the durability of this new-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler.

Dosage per session

GANA PH is designed to correct nasolabial folds and it can also be used for non-surgical augmentation of nose, chin, and cheeks. Its use must be avoided on those areas of the face that are highly mobile and/or thin-skinned such as lips, forehead and the periocular zone. To avoid overfilling, cosmetic surgeons must not inject more than the recommended doses:

  • Cheek: 2-6ml (for both cheeks)
  • Nose: 1-2ml
  • Chin: 1-3ml
  • Nasolabial folds: 1-2ml (for both sides of the face)

Patients will notice immediate results after the initial injection session but their face will begin to look even more youthful starting the 4-6th week after the treatment. Around that time, the Poly-L-lactic acid will stimulate the body to replenish lost collagen in the skin.

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