Glowing Fill New is one of the newest skin fillers for fine wrinkle correction. Made in Korea, the center of the beauty industry, and marketed by Glowing Tree, this superb Hyaluronic Acid filler guarantees more natural-looking results thanks to its R-Square Technology. It has greater skin hydrating powers and it is applied via a painless injection procedure. Results are balanced, durable and can also be easily reversed.

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Excellent quality dermal filler

Dermal filler Glowing Fill New impresses with its high quality. It is produced by CG Bio Inc. in a modern facility by experienced and qualified experts. The R-Square Technology on which it is based is a product of considerable research and it gives this anti-aging solution a multilayered phasic HA structure that significantly prolongs its rejuvenating effects. The needles featured in the box are made by Japan’s TSK Laboratory and rely on an ULTRA Thin Wall technology and a very hard polymer.

Wrinkles which can be removed with Glowing Fill New

This HA-based filler injection specifically targets fine facial lines and wrinkles in the superficial layer of the dermis. Because of its advanced rheological properties (such as elasticity and viscosity), it is suitable for the treatment of shallow skin depressions and lines in more mobile areas of the face like around the eyes or on the forehead. The HA gel in Glowing Fill New is also characterized by its smooth and soft texture, making it ideal for the treatment of superficial wrinkles on the neck.

  • Glabellar lines
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Shallow facial lines and wrinkles

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