Revolax Fine is a long-lasting dermal filler that is based on highly purified Hyaluronic Acid. Its impressive skin rejuvenating properties enable it to correct glabellar lines, crow’s feet, and other superficial lines on the face and the neck. The delicate and soft texture of this anti-aging injectable gel also refreshes the appearance of tired and/or aging skin. The filling and hydrating properties of this product are effective at treating early signs of aging.


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Instant and durable anti-wrinkle results with Revolax Fine

  • Removal of shallow neck wrinkles
  • Correction of crow’s feet
  • Reduction of superficial glabellar lines
  • Skin moisturization
  • Treatment of tear troughs
  • Revitalization of tired and dull skin

Revolax Fine is designed to be applied to the most delicate zones of the face (tear troughs, around the eyes, neck, etc.) to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Its effects are immediate and thanks to its highly-cross linked HA, they last for 12-18 months.

Is there a risk of gel migration with Revolax Fine?

This dermal filler has a low phase of angle percentage which means that once it is injected in the skin, it is very stable. The results achieved during the first injection session will remain unchanged during the months following the treatment and the HA gel is not going to migrate into neighboring tissues. This guarantees anti-aging effects which are very predictable, accurate and consistent. But even if the patient wishes to have their natural appearance restored, seasoned clinicians can easily and safely reverse the treatment’s results by using Hyaluronidase injections.

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