Stylage M has fantastic cosmetic rejuvenation powers. This trusted skin filler by Laboratories VIVACY can be injected in various zones of the face (including around the eyes and mouth, in the midface, temple, and earlobes) where it can safely and immediately smooth the skin by filling medium to severe wrinkles and folds. Because of its stable and long-lasting Hyaluronic Acid gel, it can also restore lost volume in the face and correct saggy skin.


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Advantages of Stylage M’s IPN-like Technology

The key ingredient in this soft-tissue filler injection is Hyaluronic Acid (20mg/ml) that has been optimized with a new-generation technology by Laboratories VIVACY – IPN-like Technology. It takes HA of a non-animal origin and boosts its viscoelasticity for natural-looking effects and enhances the biocompatibility of the implant gel to 100%, resulting in a safer treatment with no risk of side effects. This production method also improves the lifting power of the filler and makes it easily adaptive to skin depressions with varying depth. That is why this is incredibly versatile and effective at temporary removing moderate and deep wrinkles and folds.

  • Natural-looking correction
  • Lasting effects (about 12 months)
  • Great safety
  • A treatment that is easy to tailor and customize

This skin rejuvenating properties of Stylage M have been further enriched by the presence of Mannitol in its formula. This is a valuable antioxidant that will reduce the speed with which the HA filler gel breaks down, considerably prolonging the standard interval between maintenance sessions.

What can this filler injection do for patients?

  • Fill hollow areas on the temple
  • Reduce the appearance of cheek wrinkles
  • Correct marionette lines
  • Remove nasolabial folds
  • Reshape the nose
  • Treat droopy and wrinkly earlobes (earlobe rejuvenation)

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