Rejeunesse Fine is a top-performing dermal filler that contains 100% cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and it removes fine and moderate facial wrinkles. It is incredibly safe and it has been developed through an HCCL Technology. As a result, this injectable gel has better viscoelasticity and can easily adapt to the depth of every skin depression it treats. This makes this anti-aging product very effective.


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What to expect with this dermal filler?

A treatment with Rejeunesse Fine requires the product to be injected by a qualified plastic surgeon or clinician into the patient’s superficial or middle dermis. Since the product contains local anesthetic, this procedure is painless and it does not even cause discomfort to the patient. One injection session typically takes about half an hour and it can easily correct shallow facial lines and wrinkles. The results are very balanced and natural and they last for 8-12 months, making this HA-based filler one of the longest-lasting in its class.

Types of wrinkles Rejeunesse Fine corrects

This soft-tissue filler targets only superficial to medium wrinkles and lines on the face and it can only be injected in certain facial zones to temporarily reduce the appearance of:

  • Periorbital lines
  • Worry lines
  • Wrinkles around the mouth

What is HCCL?

HCCL means High Concentration of Cross-Linking. This is a new-generation manufacturing technology that delivers fully cross-linked HA gel that has improved viscoelasticity and a remarkably low migration rate. It is that production technique that helps this anti-wrinkle filler injection to deliver durable and natural-looking results without exposing patients to risks and side effects.

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